as of now, you can find me @ Aminus3... thanks for being around when i needed you the most... take care... sayonara... blurb about the photo…
udder1 Feb 20, 2006
::hikone castle::pic

::hikone castle::

hikone castle and the grounds there are beautiful at the best of times... when it snows, it reaches a beauty rarely touched by anything else…
udder1 Jan 09, 2006
::Beam Me Up::pic
::Water Rat::pic


and proud of it... :)
udder1 Aug 01, 2005


...10 seconds with the shutter looking my way
udder1 Jul 19, 2005


for another dodgeball session in the gym... 35 degrees and as keen as mustard...
udder1 Jul 14, 2005

::Calamity Calvin and the Inconspicuous Zipper::

HE was wondering out loud what kind of title would be appropriate for the first sitting behind the snazzy laptop he knew nothing about. It marked a…
udder1 Jul 11, 2005
::japanese style sunset::pic

::japanese style sunset::

what we saw across the road...
udder1 Jun 15, 2005
::what are they?::pic

::what are they?::

i'm guessing someone will guess this within two minutes... ready? go!
udder1 May 21, 2005
::harajuku girls::pic

::harajuku girls::

for unparalleled fashion sense... harajuku: an awesome place to get a distinctly different view of japan...
udder1 May 16, 2005
::the eyes say it all::pic

::the eyes say it all::

my wife and i @ home last night...
udder1 May 16, 2005
::theophelus thistler::pic

::theophelus thistler::

it is spring, after all...
udder1 May 16, 2005
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